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We’re not just a kit home manufacturer
MC Custom Log Homes will build your home

MC Custom Log Homes

Here’s a little about MC Custom Log Homes
& what makes us different to other companies

Custom designed means our homes are not a standard ‘kit’ that you have to settle for. While we do offer kit designs we expect you to change it or better yet come to us with a design of your own. After all this is your home, a home you have dreamt about living in.
Since this log home is likely to be the last home you buy you should live in the home you want, with no compromising, don’t settle for someone’s kit because it’s there, you don’t have to do that when using our company.

Unique Service
MC Custom Log Homes
are quite unique from other log home dealers. Not only designing and selling log home packages, but we ‘build’ them as well. Yes you read that right. We are builders of exceptional log homes. Giving you the quality and most importantly the building experience of over 30 plus years that your typical dealers lack. We don’t deliver a kit and disappear, leaving you to find a builder that understands how to build a log home, for they are very different to erect than a conventional home.

We are there from conception, to handing you the key to your dream home and every step in between. Providing you with quality, experience, value, and customer service above the rest.

If you have already purchased your log home through another dealer but are in need of a builder, give us a call. We can and have built other companies homes. Providing you with our expertise in constructing your log home.


MC Custom Log Homes is a family-owned company making quality custom log homes to an affordable price. We’re experienced in interpreting homeowners dreams and working with then to make their dreams a reality.

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MC Custom Log Homes

MC Custom Log Homes build to suit your lifestyle, and family requirements. There’s no point in having a dream log home that then doesn’t work for you. We manufacture and designed with the unique needs of each individual customer in mind.