With our combination of strong commitment to customer service, dedication to exceptional quality, & reputation for bringing you the best value in log homes, MC Custom Log Homes has long maintained its position as one of the top of the log homes industry.

With over thirty years of experience in designing floor plans for superior custom log homes & cabins, we continue to be one of the leaders in combining the traditional values of outdoor living with the latest advances in home construction & technology.

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This means that MC Custom Log Homes are able to offer our customers the very best in quality, features, homes prices, log home plans & log home floor plans.

Southeast Georgia’s Favorite Log Homes It’s not just a slogan, it’s a fact: MC Custom Log Homes is Southeast Georgia’s favorite log home. More Americans have chosen to own a MC Custom Log Home than any other manufacturer. MC Custom Log Homes has thrilled thousands of customers with their beautiful log homes and cabins since 1992. Our business is built on a solid reputation of integrity, quality, and value. MC Custom Log Homes constantly strives and changes in order to better fulfill your log home and log cabin dreams.