1. Log Homes are made to a higher standard & superior craftsmanship, because of this, log homes regularly appraise higher.
  2. Compared to a cold piece of drywall, wood is warm to the touch, plus its thermal mass, so solid wood is energy efficient, keeping temperatures inside the home comfortable year around.
  3. Log homes are manufactured & designed to be 15-20% more efficient than a conventional home.
  4. Log homes are sturdy, stand up well to the elements, & generally can last hundreds of years.
  5. Noise in a Log homes doesn’t travel like it does in a stick-built home, so it’s usually quieter & so there is more privicy within the home, from not only the outside but the rooms next door.
  6. One last major benefit, is that it’s easy to maintain log homes & keep them free of mold, mildew, & insect infestations.

As a whole, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing a log home. Whether it’s for your primary residence, or a vacation rental.